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Protect your hard earned money without sacrificing growth.

You may have been told that annuities have high fees and are risky and when you die the insurance company keeps your money.  Rest assured we are not talking about those kinds of annuities.  Variable annuities and immediate annuities do have some of those features, but your Safe Money financial planning firm only offers Fixed Indexed Annuities which have no fees (optional income benefit riders do have fees for the riders only) and never risk your money and when you die, your family keeps the account value, not the insurance company. 

Fixed Indexed Annuities offer various index strategies like the S & P 500, NASDAQ and others.  Optional strategy fees can increase your participation in the index gains from say 100% to as much as 250% for example.  So if the index returns 10%, your account would be credited with as much as 250% of that growth,

You insure your house and your car, so shouldn't you insure your money? 

AN ANNUITY IS INSURANCE FOR YOUR MONEY.  You don't have to risk your hard earned money "in the market" to get returns "from the market". 
Please click on the link to see a short video for a quick overview of how to get both 100% safety for
your money and market based growth.  Don't let future market losses ruin your retirement.  You
can have both safety and growth! 

For unbiased consumer information on Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) please click on this link: https://fiainsights.org/