Your Safe Money Financial Planning Firm

Receive returns from the stock market and no risk of loss ever.

As your Safe Money financial planning firm, The Retirement Advantage MI never places your money at risk directly in the market, yet we give you the upside of the market when it is doing well and none of the downside, so your principal and earned interest is always protected.  This is accomplished by use of index strategies, available in the tax deferred and tax free vehicles we utilize, including Fixed Indexed Annuities and Indexed Universal Life Insurance.  The chart above with the the S&P 500 in red and the Fixed Indexed Annuity in green, shows that when an index like the S&P 500 is being used in a Fixed Indexed Annuity, in years when the index is down, your account value does not go down, but when the index is up, so is your account value.  Your account value is like being on a stairway.  In good market years you go up a step or two or three and in bad market years you stay on the step you were on, you never go backwards.

Indexed Universal LIfe (IUL) Insurance is used by many people who are concerned about the insanity in Washington and the expected future tax rate increases.  Your Safe Money financial planning firm uses specific IUL products designed to minimize the life insurance cost and maximize the investment growth on a tax deferred basis.  Upon retirement you can take a retirement income in the form of tax free loans which you do not need to pay back,  for the rest of your life, guaranteed.

For an individual that retires with $250,000 in a 401k or IRA and lives another 30 years, that person will pay $250,000 to $500,000 in taxes on that original $250,000!  That is why Uncle Sam allows you to deduct your contributions on your seed, because he knows he will get his tax revenue bonanza on your harvest over your retirement years.  With an IUL, you pay tax now on the seed to get your harvest tax free.